International Program

Summer Work and Travel for University Students from Around the World!

J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor positions are available now in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC.

Post-secondary students enrolled full-time and pursuing studies at a post secondary accredited academic institution located outside of America can come to the United States for summer work and travel during their vacation.

For more information, please contact Sue Robbins at

Currently Hiring Lifeguards
May 25th – September 2nd, 2019

Student Requirements

  • Sufficiently proficient in English to successfully interact with an English speaking environment
  • Post-secondary school students enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree or other full-time course of study at an accredited post-secondary educational institution outside the United States
  • Have successfully completed at least one semester or equivalent of post-secondary academic study
  • Pre-placed prior to entry unless from a visa waiver country

Student Benefits

  • Invaluable cultural exchange and lifelong friendships
  • Lifesaving, CPR and first aid training
  • Housing and uniforms provided
  • Convenient public transportation via metrorail and bus
  • Nearby sightseeing opportunties in Maryland (MD), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), and Washington DC

Be Hospitable

We blend American and International employees to create a well-balanced work environment. The Summer Work and Travel program provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the United States during summer vacation from college to experience the people and way of life in America.

  • Aways wear a smile
  • Greet and thank visitors
  • Look clean and professional
  • Provide help when needed